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Why Does My Dog Do That?

Ever looked across the room and caught your dog in the middle of something super strange that gets you wondering Why/What he/she is up to? Honestly, if you've been a pet parent for more than a minute, you've probably caught yourself doing this 100 times a day. We've wondered, researched, and come back to you with a cheat sheet to decode some of the mystifying moods you catch your dog in daily!

1. Digging

No, he/she isn't finding buried treasure! Dogs dig for many reasons, mainly because they want a comfortable place to nap. Sometimes they dig when they're outside to hide important things. If you catch your dog digging indoor, it's probably because he/she is trying to make a comfortable spot to nap in.


You may just have a super sleepy dog, but be mindful cause yawning is a sign of a dog in distress as well. Dogs yawn when they're anxious, so if you catch your dog yawning too much around a new person, consider slowing down their interactions to ease the transition for your dog.

3. Barking At The Door

Dogs are very protective of their pack, and while you may find your dog's incessant barking anytime a new guest arrives at the door, you need to understand that it's just your dog's way of alerting you of an intruder outside the house. You can reduce/stop your dog from barking at the door by training them not to. Teaching them the command quiet can help with this.

4. Staring

Honestly, if you do not have stare offs with your dog, I don't know what you're doing. But like, if you're normal and have stare offs, you've probably wondered why your dog just stares at you?!

Honestly, it's because they're obsessed with you! Dogs stare at their humans to express affection, and mutual staring releases oxytocin, so like if you weren't already having stare offs; start now!

5. Head Tilts

Yes, head tilts make for the cutest pictures, but ever wondered why your dog does that? Honestly, you should know this one cause the look gives it away! Dogs tilt their heads to express their amusement with things. Head tilts are their natural response to anything that sparks their curiosity, so if you're looking to get your puppy head tilting, just play an unusual sound or dangle something new to spark their curiosity.

6. Panting

Dogs naturally use their mouth to regulate their body temperature, so if you catch your dog panting, it's probably cause he/she needs something to cool down. Be a QT and get your dog some chilled water the next time you catch them panting.


Unlike humans, dogs have great posture. So if you catch your dog crouching, it's probably because he/she is super uncomfortable and scared. Do your best to comfort your dog. Treats, backing away from forcing your dog with a new counter, or distracting them with games might help!


Unless your pup is teething (in which case chewing is entirely normal.), chewing could be a sign of your pup showing that they're bored, have extra energy stored, anxious, or just plain curious about something new in their sight. If you catch your dog chewing, quickly distract them with a noise, and replace whatever they're chewing with a chew toy.

9.Flashing Teeth

You may catch your dog flashing his/her teeth and playfully mock for trying to scare you with an angry look. This, honestly, though, is a sign, and it'd be best if you followed your dog's mood and back off instead of aggravating him/her further. Flashing teeth is a sign of aggression, a clear indicator from your floof to stay the woof away. Give them some time to cool off, and they'll come back to you with their puppy eyes.

10.Tail Between Their Legs

If you don't know this one, you probably slept through 6th-grade grammar classes where they went through basic B, figures of speech! Tail between the legs is a common phrase to describe someone that's afraid, which is exactly what your dog is indicating to you when he/she shows up with their tail tucked away between their legs. Try to comfort your dog and assess triggers for what could be making your dog anxious.

To be very honest, every second thing your dog does could make you question why they do what they do! And while it's not possible to outline everything in one blog, we do hope to uncover a little more with each article we cover!

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