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Should I Get A Dog? Here's What You Need To Know Before You Get One

Should I get a dog? It's the inevitable question that you end up asking yourself every time you see a cute Instagram post, or your friend's adorable little pup walking outside your house. Quarantines been hard on everyone, but especially harder on people without four-legged friends to cheer up their houses. Yes, dogs are amazing! They become your best friends, and practically keep you company for everything! But should YOU get one?

Honestly, I don't want to sound like a drag when I start off with the whole, "dogs are a lot of responsibility" but the truth is, they are! And you don't realize it until you have one! But we're not here to burst your bubble, we're here to help you decide! Here’s a list of questions to help see just how ready you are to bring a dog into your life right now?

1. Do you have a support system to help you with the dog?

Getting a dog is like getting a baby, they need constant love and attention. Make sure you don't make this decision alone. Ask the people you live with how they feel about getting a dog, work with their concerns, instead of trying to get around them or hoping they'll fall in love once you get a dog! If things go south, think of the poor dog you'd have to return. So make sure to get everyone on board. ( Use your friends with dogs to make this happen.)

2. Have you found your forever home?

You can't promise a furever home to a dog if you're not sure of your own plans! Unless you plan on traveling with your dog wherever you go, so make sure you get one only IF you're sure you're going to be there. What happens to Skipper when you skip to college?

3. You're up for a lifestyle change?

Sleeping in's a lot of fun, but are you willing to trade that in for morning walks, and daily training sessions? Impulsive plans are amazing but will someone feed Benny on time? Make sure you're okay with staying home even when things do go to normal, enough to take care of your pup!

4. You're willing to get your hands ( & your house) messy!

You're okay with someone nibbling on all your things? Peeing on that couch? Treating everything like a toy until you teach him/her not to?

Getting a dog, means you're going to have to dog proof your house.

5. You realize just how much WORK comes with all the play

Vet appointments, grooming, regular workouts, are you ready for the most attention seeking yet rewarding relationship of your life?

When all comes to rest, any and every dog parent would agree that the responsibilities are a small price to pay for all the love you get in return! Dog will forever give you more than they ask for, but it's important to ask yourself if you can provide a stable and loving home to them. We hope these questions help you in making your decision!

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