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5 DIY Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy While You Work

Dogs make for better colleagues than any human ever could, however they’re also way more distracting than any chatty work mate you’ve ever met. Sensing the urgency and importance of meetings and emails, dogs bark or run away with your charger just as you dive your attention to work, and while playing fetch all day sounds like a dream, someone needs to pay the bills for all those chew toys!

Mental stimulation is essential for your dogs! It keeps them healthy and happy. DIT dog toys are a great way to promote slow feeding and keep your dogs occupied without requiring high energy effort from you!

Here are a few easy DIY home puzzles and toys to keep your dog occupied while you’re working!

  1. The Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser

Starting with the easiest one on the list, this toy is quicker to make than maggi and acts as a great way to keep your buddy busy!

All you need is a sharp knife, an old tennis ball, and his/her favourite treats.

  • Cut a small hole in the tennis ball and fill it with treats.

  • Throw it out to your dog allowing them to use their paws and teeth to remove the treats.

2. Snuffle Mat

Does your dog run around the house sniffing everything? Train their noses to snoop better and get their nose out of your fresh laundry basket, with the help of a snuffle mat!

All you need is a bunch of old tee shirts and rag clothes, and a garden rubber mat with holes and a pair of scissors.

  • Cut your cloth into long thick long strips.

  • Once you’re done cutting start by looping your cloth strips through the holes in the mat and tie a knot.

  • Use multiple strips on each hole to create layers!

  • Once you’re done you can hide treats in the different layers and leave your dog out to find them.

3. Bottle Treat Dispenser

Another easy one in the list! This one only requires a plastic bottle, a knife and some treats!

  • Take a plastic bottle and cut out small holes, big enough for only one treat to slip out!

  • Seal the main bottle opening shut and fill the bottle up for your dog.

  • Hand it over to them and watch them shake their treats out of it! (Also hones your dogs musical skills by doubling up as Maracas! )

4. Sweet Potato Rope Toy

Dogs love rope toys, something to sink their teeth into without hearing; “No, no biting!”, but they’ve also got a short shelf life because they’re easy to untie and tear through! You can create a tougher, more resilient rope toy that your pup won't be able to get enough of.

All you need is sweet potato and a cloth rope!

  • Cut the sweet potato and let it air dry.

  • Make a hole in the air dried sweet potatoes and sling them through the rope.

  • Tie a knot at the both ends once you’re done

5. Muffin Tin Tennis Ball Puzzle

Remember those really cool whack a mole machines in gaming arcades? You could make one for your pup using just a muffin tin and some treats and a few tennis balls.

  • Grab treats and randomly scatter them in a few holes in the muffin tin.

  • Cover the tins with tennis balls

  • Let your dog sniff and paw their way through the treats!

Next time you’re tempted to give your floof a treat for looking cute, try one of those DIY home hacks and send us a video of it on @tealoriginals!

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